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Hadokam Wins First Prize at GameHackDay

Hadokam is a collaborated street fighter 4 hack accomplished during the 24-hr hackathon GameHackDay NYC 2011 by Liangjie XiaBruno KruseDiego RiojaMustafa Bagdatli and myself.


We developed software to manipulate a frontal picture of the player’s face.  It is projected onto the 3D character model extracted from the original game, generating a replacement skin texture file swapped back into the game for real gameplay.  The character-model’s proportions have also been modified to create a Big Head Mode, making the players’ faces the main attraction.  This makes for much more rewarding gameplay – the vicarious friend beatdown. A custom controller board was built (from a repurposed Mortal Kombat 2 arcade panel found on the street) to for an arcade experience.

Face Mapping Bruno

Face mapping and texture generation is done with Processing.  The arcade controller is read by a multi-plexed Arduino that outputs serial data to be read by joystick simulation software.

There’s tons of screen-captured game play, but in the meantime, here’s a quick teaser.

Check out the Hadokam and other projects from the hackathon on the GHD wiki.

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